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Kali Snipe

The SoundBrothers is a producing and composing team, composed of Snipe (born in 1987 in Fafe, Portugal) and Kali (born in 1986 in Bern, Switzerland), based in Bern, Switzerland.
Snipe and Kali decided to create "The SoundBrothers" back in January 2011 after working together as solo producers during 7 years.

The team's genres include hip-hop, r&b, electro and pop.

They made a name for themselves in Switzerland after working with different local artists.
They have worked with international artists including Fred The Godson, BXC, Alyxx Dione, Fuda Guy, Black Kent, Youssoupha, Green Money, K.ommando Toxik and many more.

The duet started in the hip-hop scene but quickly developed interest for other genres. They produce all kind of sound (pop, country, soundtracks and so on). Their facility of producing different genres with their urban touch gained them a lot of interest in the music industry. Their hunger of new challenges seems to have no limit.

They are determinated to be part of those producers you need to get in the charts.

BETSB Family

Basil Schneeberger

Basil Schneeberger

Basil Schneeberger (aka B-Riff) joined the Be The SoundBrothers family (2014) as the official guitarist, bringing his guitar skills to the duet's creation.
Due to his Nashville roots, B-Riff feels at his ease in the pop, rock and country styles, but developed quickly a lot of interest in the creation of urban music since his meeting with Snipe and Kali.