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Flavie Léa releases her debut album « Mixed Feelings »

After working 2 years on her project, Flavie Léa just released her debut album « Mixed Feelings ».

Flavie Léa will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. « Mixed Feelings » is about experiencing all kinds of emotions, from negative to positive ones.

All tracks have been produced, recorded and mixed by The SoundBrothers. All tracks have been mastered by Greg Dubuis at Studio du Flon. All pictures ©Samuel Schneeberg.

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The BETSB Project

Since 2011, when we founded «The SoundBrothers», we’ve had the chance to work with more than 40 national and international artists and to compose music for some advertisements and short-films that have been rewarded during diverse festivals.

The biggest of our success to date is with the French superstar «Maître Gims». We produced the track «Sans Rétro» from his album «Mon Coeur Avait Raison» that has sold more than a half-million copies. However, we don’t want to rest on our laurels and we have new ambitions. Those pushed us to launch «The BETSB Project».

Our goal is to implant ourselves internationally and in order to do that, we chose London. London is calling … And we answered without hesitation. This multicultural city where everything seems to be possible is the perfect place to achieve this new challenge. We plan on opening a music studio in which we will be able to collaborate with local artists as well as with Swiss artists who want to get inspired by the British music culture.

You’ll find all the details about our project on

Flavie Léa releases her new single « On Your Way Up »

This time Flavie Léa takes you on a journey through Switzerland.

This is the 3rd single of the young singer from Fribourg. She plans on releasing her very first album by the beginning of the third quarter.

« On Your Way Up » is produced by The SoundBrothers.

The SoundBrothers produce the soundtrack for Amorana

Amorana has just launched a new tv spot for which The SoundBrothers have produced the soundtrack.

The TV spot is now airing on multiple international tv channels.

Enjoy …

Flavie Léa releases her second single « Our Story »

Singer/songwriter Flavie Léa drops „Our Story“. This is the second release of her upcoming EP which will be available this summer.

After a very welcomed first single “Know Better”, Flavie Léa takes the listener on a love journey.

The song has been produced, recorded and mixed by The SoundBrothers. Greg Dubuis mastered the song.

For the official video, Flavie Léa had Philip Vivarelli as a director in collaboration with The SoundBrothers.

The song is now available on iTunes, Spotify and more.

OurStory - Single

Ta’Shan releases her first EP « Dreamer »

Ta’Shan releases her first EP « Dreamer ».

It has been already a few years that Ta’Shan has been working with the SoundBrothers on developping her sound.

« Dreaming » and « Safe You » produced, recorded and mixed by The SoundBrothers.

« Follow Me » and « My Own » recorded and mixed by The SoundBrothers.

The EP is available for free download on her soundcloud channel and if you want to support her you can also buy it on iTunes.