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Black Kent « Morceaux D’un Homme »

Black Kent just released his album « Morceaux d’un Homme ».

The album features two tracks produced by The SoundBrothers:

« Petite Fille » which was already out as a single and « Sade » on which Black Kent just does what he does best, kicking it punchline after punchline!

You can buy the album on every online platform and here on iTunes.

Black Kent

Black Kent – Petite Fille

Black Kent just released his next single of his upcoming album « Morceaux d’un Homme ».

« Petite Fille », produced by The SoundBrothers, has been revealed to the public in honor of his firstborn daughter.

We wish him and the two ladies of his life all the best for this new year which is about to start.

Be sure to pre-order the album here.

Reverie Of Love – Short Film

Basil Schneeberger just revealed his first short film « Reverie of Love ».

We follow the footsteps of Jake Seal. Not only in his real life, where a hard day has just gone by, but also in his dreams. He enters a different era compared to our world, a different environment, where he follows his feelings to find the highpoint of the story. The rest is to be seen on screen….

The SoundBrothers produced the music for this project.

Black Kent « Morceaux D’un Homme »

Black Kent has officialy announced the release date for his second album « Morceaux d’un homme » and revealed at the same time the cover for it.

The SoundBrothers have been involved in the creation of this second album and have produced several songs on this Project.

Release date: January 6 2016

Be ready to buy this project because Black Kent has prepared a masterpiece.

Short Movie « Identity »

Basil Schneeberger member of The SoundBrothers’s Family and owner of Bromotion Studios is taking part of the contest launched by the Zurich Film Festival.

The rule was to do a short movie of 72 seconds within 72 hours with as a theme « My First Time ».

« Identity » sketches the story of a m interviewed in a specialised cell by legal authority. The protagonist is in a confused process trying to figure out what had caused his current arrest and situation. Through interrogation he realises slowly who he is and what has happened prior to his crime. Most importantly, the main character reveals his second, rather psychopath personality, which led him to the murder of a women, with whom he had a precious relationship.

The SoundBrothers have taken part of this project since the beginning with giving Basil their help with everything that had to do with music and sound.

The jury will award the winner of their choice on friday the 2nd of October. The event will take place at the Sihlcity in Zurich.

Ta’Shan « Young And Fly »

Ta’Shan just released the official video to her brand new single « Young And Fly ».

This track is produced, recorded and mixed by The SoundBrothers.

Ta’Shan plans on releasing her first EP before the end of this year which will include also « Young And Fly ».